My name is Jason, and I’ve been flying drones as a hobby (and professionally) for since 2015. My passion for everything drone-related started way earlier than that. When I was young, I always owned a radio controlled vehicle of some kind. The problem was, as any young kid would do, I was constantly testing the limits of those R/C cars, boats and planes…and, well, let’s just say they didn’t always last as long as they should have. 🙂 I could only afford to fix what was broken on what I had in my kid’s savings account and a small allowance. Neither helped support such an expensive hobby.

Now that I’m older, I’ve rekindled my radio-controlled passion – and it’s all about drones. I love reading about new drone product releases, watching reviews of the latest drone tech on YouTube and testing out new features on my drones: DJI’s Inspire1 & Mavic Pro Platinum. Not long after purchasing my Inspire1, DJI launched the Inspire2 which I hope to own next.

Another positive aspect about my love for drones is that it has also become a source of income. I’ve flown and filmed professional footage for hotels, restaurants, real estate projects and golf courses. Here’s a photo of me on a downtown Baltimore, Maryland rooftop during a drone video shoot for an office building converting into a co-working and residence space:

Me on a downtown Baltimore rooftop during a drone video shoot

…and, that’s a wrap, Baltimore!

Here are a few videos my other work:

I’d love for Rotospace to become one of your go-to resources for the latest in drone news, drone reviews, drone equipment & accessories…and more!

Thanks again for visiting Rotospace. I hope you’ll find “everything under the drone” here.