Drone Technology: All The Amazing Things Drones Can Do

Until recently, nobody could have envisioned all the amazing, new uses for drones.

In the last year, the global market revenue for drones surged 35.5% to roughly $4.5 billion, according to Gartner. The value is forecast to reach almost 30 billion by 2021. This growing market potential is staggering.

Drones were first used for primarily for military purposes. Before this past decade, news of drone use was primarily part of the war machine of many nations – they were utilized for their precision air strikes. Until recently, nobody could have imagined the amazing, new uses for drones such as high-end aerial photography and videography, delivery, healthcare…and much more.

However, after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved drones for personal and professional use by civilians, drones have risen to be one of the most successful products of this decade.

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