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Ready to Purchase A DJI Mavic Air Drone? Here’s What You Need To Know

Talk about exciting! In January, the world’s leader in drones, DJI, announced the release of the new DJI Mavic Air.

The Mavic Air Was Released With A TON Of Hype

If you’re a part of the drone community online, the hype was pretty incredible. DJI offered great build-up with an exciting teaser page. On January 23rd, the countdown on the coming soon page became a bit more frenzied, and the embedded video footage on (what would become) their Mavic Air landing page was more aggressive…and even a bit louder. Rotospace had you covered on Twitter with a live stream (in case you were at work and stuck behind a firewall that blocks DJI.com):

We spotted several famous YouTubers, Travel Bloggers and Insta-famous people in the crowd including: Faruk from iPhonedo, Kelly Shores from Ready Set Drone!, Jennifer O’Brien from thetravelwomen.com, and Chris Burkard the Travel Adventure Photographer.

We did our part to help build up the excitement on Instagram as well:

So, Is The Mavic Air Worth Purchasing?

We never like to rush to judgement on a new drone. It’s always best to let a few months pass before we give our final yes or no on the DJI Mavic Air. Our final opinion on the Mavic Air isn’t a definitive one. It’s actually falling into a YES and/or NO category because it really depends on your unique needs. There’s a lot to consider…especially if you’re thinking of making it your everyday drone.

It’s a YES If…

  • You need a drone you can quickly unfold and fly…well, anywhere. It’s tiny and ultra-portable. That’s a known fact by now.
  • Price is an option. If you’re looking to get into drones and start with an amazing device under $1000 that can capture great footage, the Air is a great option.
  • You need the smallest drone possible that is capable of capturing 4K footage at 120 FPS.
  • You are upgrading from the Spark and used to all the features it has built-in.

It’s a NO If…

  • You’ve been spoiled by an original Mavic or Mavic Pro Platinum – the Mavic & Mavic Pro Platinum just do a better job on battery life, and it’s not even close
  • You fly professionally and it’s going to be the only drone you use at your gigs. Please, just don’t do this. Showing up to a gig with only a Mavic Air just doesn’t make an impact – it could just be seen as a toy, and you, a hobbyist. Have this drone in your arsenal, for sure, but look into a drone that can fly with a top of the line camera underneath like the Inspire1 or Inspire2. The difference in the footage is noticeable.

So, now it’s up to you…are you ready to purchase the Mavic Air? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the Mavic Air. We’d love it if you dropped a link in if you have any footage on YouTube as well.

Me on a downtown Baltimore rooftop during a drone video shootAbout The Author, Jason (Rotospace’s Creator)
Jason is an expert drone pilot who loves everything about this amazing aerial technology.
He flies two DJI drones: The DJI Inspire Series (1 & 2) and Mavic Pro Platinum …and enjoys keeping them airborne whenever possible.
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