Drone Video Inspiration in Nature

It’s easy to find great drone video inspiration in nature. Here are some of our favorite drone videos from the great outdoors. As with all our inspirational drone videos, we always suggest watching them full screen for maximum effect.

In this summary of a summer 2017 photo tour in Greenland, YouTube user Daniel Kordan captures some unbelievable moments.

This serene flyover is of Sly Park Lake, CA and was filmed by George Rowe Photography on YouTube using the DJI Phantom4 Pro.

At just over an hour, this will likely remain the longest video on this page for quite some time. “Above The Fiji Islands”, filmed using the DJI Inspire1, is a feature-length aerial nature relaxation movie filmed over the beautiful islands of Fiji. Relax & enjoy this great work by Nature Relaxation Films on YouTube.

Here is some incredible footage from one of the most amazing islands on earth, Maui. This video was filmed by sawyerhartman on YouTube with a Phantom 4 during a 6 day trip to Maui in 2016.

Here’s another beautiful drone video of humpback whales breaching in beautiful, crystal-clear water. This is from the YouTube account of the same drone videographer that brought you the video below from Panama, Imóveis Bahia. As of this post, this video only has 52 views and no comments…please give it a well-deserved like!

This drone video was filmed at remote island locations around Panama including Morro Negrito, Isla Silva, El Toro and the surf area of Cambutal. Don’t miss the humpback whale and calf interacting with dolphins! A great job on this one by imoveisbrasilbahia at AirVuz.

Not everyone gets to fly drones in Canada’s National Parks, so this contains some pretty rare footage. This video, by Man and Drone on YouTube, encompasses 15,000Kms driven to locations in Western Canada: British Columbia, Alberta and a dip into Yukon.

A drone pilot in Northern Ontario captured this battle almost by accident while shooting some scenic footage. The wolf is absolutely relentless in its pursuit of the moose. This video was shot in 4K with a Phantom 4 Pro.

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  1. Those videos were amazing! I have been interested in purchasing my own drone so I can record videos like these. I was shocked to see that the drone did not distract the fight between the moose and wolf, and watching the mother whale and her calf breaching was fantastic.

    • Thanks for checking out the videos, Chaddrick. I’m glad you found some inspiration here 🙂 If you ever find a video that might be a good addition to this page, drop a link here in the comments!
      – Jason (rotospace.com)

  2. I just love the Moose vs Wolf video. It is the one thing I’ve seen that really inspires me to want to get a Drone. Can you tell me where the Phantom pro 4 sits in terms of best to worst of all the Drones out there? Is it top of the line? Middle? I’m just trying to get a sense for all the various makes. Talk about once in a lifetime footage…amazing what is possible with those things

    • Moose vs Wolf is awesome, Gord! I should pin it to the top of the page 😉

      The Phantom series is something I consider a flagship drone series from DJI. I’ve heard rumors a P5 is not far behind. People who fly Phantoms love them, and I learned some flying techniques on a friend’s P3. You liked the Moose vs Wolf, and that shows you what’s possible on a Phantom. DJI just makes incredible machines.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment & hope you’ll keep visiting.
      – Jason (rotospace.com)

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