Looking for some drone FPV (first person video) footage that inspires? Here are some of our favorite drone videos from the FPV perspective. As with all our inspirational drone videos, we always suggest watching them full screen for maximum effect.

FPV flying in a grocery store? Sure, why not… The crew over at Rotor Riot goes crazy in a grocery store showing off their FPV skills.

As the title suggests, this is definitely what long rage FPV is all about. Shot at a beautiful location in the mountains, check out just how far JAYO FPV goes to test his long range FPV skills.

Here’s some insane FPV Footage from the The Phoenix Cup brought to you by FPVLightrax. The LED track lights are just spectacular as the drone speeds through the course. This video was uploaded by Charlie Suangka on YouTube and he is flying on a Voodoo 210 FPV quad frame.

This FPV footage was taken by NurkFPV out in Reno, Nevada. This is a compilation of highlights from The Mega Drone X 2.0.

This page was last updated with new inspiration on 12/19/2017.

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