DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White – An In-Depth Drone Review

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White

Today’s spotlight is on the latest Mavic Pro release from DJI – the Mavic Pro re-imagined in a new color: Alpine White. In this article, we’ll take a look at some pros and cons of this new quadcopter release from DJI. Is it worth the purchase…or is there a better Mavic available?

Pros of The Alpine White Mavic

The color is stunning. As an Inspire1 owner, it’s great to see a more portable quad that matches the pristine white finish of the Inspire1.

The Alpine White Mavic comes packed with all the great features of the Mavic Pro including portability (it folds down to as small as a bottle of water), amazing flight distance (the signal transmission system offers up to 4.3 miles/7km of range), supreme speed (up to 40mph/64kmh), and excellent flight time (stay airborne for as long as 27-minutes). It also includes additional features such as ActiveTrack, TapFly and other smart features that make it easy to create professional looking drone-powered video in True 4K.

Cons of The Alpine White Mavic

The biggest con is a glaring one. Underneath the alpine white color is a regular Mavic Pro.

Since the Mavic Pro launched, DJI also released the Mavic Pro Platinum. It offers enhanced endurance and quieter flight with the noise from the aircraft being reduced by up to 4dB* (60% noise power) when compared to the Mavic Pro. The flight time is now extended to 30 minutes and new 8331 propellers help enhance the quieter, longer flight experience.

DJI’s decision to launch a somewhat dated version of the Mavic Pro in a new color is a curious one. It doesn’t have the same engines and lacks the low noise propellers that make the Platinum Mavic a better flying experience. All of this seems rushed just to launch a new product in a different color. Why not make the extra effort to include the latest hardware that’s in the Platinum version?

The biggest con is the price. The Mavic Pro can be found for well under $1000 on Amazon and the Mavic Pro Platinum is usually about $200 more. As of this article’s posting date, the most recent white mavic package is linked to later in this article (and it includes 3 batteries and most of the other standard accessories). With the Mavic Platinum ranging just above the $1000 price point, you’d have to pay more to have additional spare batteries, but it’s a no-brainer for the updated hardware, extended flight time, and flight noise reduction.

Video Review of The DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White

Drone Supremacy does a great job in their video review of the drone. Check it out below to decide if this is the right Mavic for you.

To Alpine White or Not To Alpine White? The Conclusion…

The ultimate question comes down this: how important is a drone’s color to you? If the answer is, “yes, I need white”, you can pick up the white Mavic at a great merchant here:

If you want the latest hardware, our suggestion is an easy one… Pay a little extra and go for all the updated features built into the Mavic Pro Platinum. When it comes to technology, it never hurts to buy the latest and greatest hardware, and your quadcopter purchase shouldn’t be an exception.


Thanks for taking the time to read our drone product spotlight of the Alpine White DJI Mavic Pro. Do you have any questions or comments that weren’t covered? Do you agree or disagree? Tell us about it in the comments below or contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. While the Mavic Pro Alpine White looks great, I would choose to sacrifice the color for the upgraded hardware of the Mavic Pro Platinum.
    I am looking to get my first drone. However, I am wondering if maybe I should practice on a cheaper model.
    Do you think this is easy to learn to fly, or should I be aiming a little lower for my first drone?

    • Hi Brendon…that’s a smart move (the platinum over the Alpine white). In fact, we just posted a new article about a great Mavic Platinum Combo.

      I don’t think you can go wrong with a Mavic. You can stay in the beginner mode for as long as you need to learn to fly, and when you’re ready, an unbelievably amazing machine is waiting when you’re ready to switch beginner mode off. Good luck!
      – Jason (

  2. You actually answered a few questions I had about drones in general just in this review. I didn’t realize that they record in 4K…maybe that’s something most people already know about drones, but it’s super interesting to me, especially because it started sparking some ideas regarding doing some independent filmmaking.

    I didn’t realize this thing could go so far also. This was actually really good info for me – just because I have been so interested in purchasing a drone, but when I see them all as I walk through Target or some other store, the prices always make my head spin. You answered a few questions that make the price way less baffling, too.

    That’s also not such a HUGE difference in price btw between the pro and the pro platinum.

    I know, I sound like a total novice! But this was a really interesting read!

    • Hi Paul, I’m so glad you found this helpful! Yes, the 4K recording is pretty incredible. You will always have great video quality to start with! Drones aren’t always inexpensive, so I the price between the Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum isn’t really so large. I would suggest the upgrade to the platinum for the quieter flight alone! Good luck to you if you choose to buy one.
      – Jason (

  3. Hello there! I really love white color. I’m searching for a new drone to buy and luckily I found your article. I read your review about the Alpine White Mavic and it’s definitely stunning. I like how white it is and how it is portable so I could bring it anywhere. Thank you for reviewing this product and I will surely buy one of these soon.

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